Building Types

Bulk Logistics

Large, modern distribution centers with convenient access to intermodal freight transportation hubs. These facilities are typically leased to large companies seeking to efficiently distribute large quantities of unpackaged goods across the country.

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Infill Last Mile

Fulfillment centers situated in the center of dense pockets of population. These facilities are typically leased to e-commerce companies seeking to deliver products from transportation hubs to the consumer more efficiently.

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Light Industrial

Strategically-located facilities supporting domestic manufacturing. These facilities are typically leased to companies in new industries or companies that have reshored their less capital-intensive and more labor-intensive manufacturing processes.

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Target Markets

Xebec acquires, develops, and manages industrial properties in the primary logistics markets with major port and intermodal infrastructure.

Acquisition Strategy



E-commerce and the reshoring of manufacturing has created a significant demand for Class-A industrial real estate. Xebec seeks to develop and redevelop facilities with modern amenities and technologies to meet the need of these prospective tenants. Historically, Xebec has sold stabilized assets (completed, fully-leased, and income-producing) to third party financial firms.

Opportunistic       Value-Added


Acquire Existing

Buy existing industrial properties in clusters and asset sizes that will ensure regional economies of scale. Target functional distribution product and acquire properties with strong tenant bases, low vacancy rates and existing long-term leases. In 2017, Xebec will begin following a Build-to-Core strategy by contributing internally developed assets to the Xebec Industrial Core Fund rather than selling to third parties.