Exclusive: California Real Estate Firm Relocates To Dallas

press Dallas Business Journal July 3, 2018

By Evan Hoopfer

Xebec Realty — a real estate firm involved in developing Southport Logistics Park in Wilmer — relocated its headquarters from Southern California to Dallas earlier this summer, said Randy Kendrick, the company’s founder and chief executive officer.

“It’s in the middle of the country, it’s got a fantastic international airport and it’s got two major Tier 1 rail intermodals in BNSF in Alliance and UP in South Dallas,” Kendrick said of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. “It had everything we look for in a metro.”

Xebec Realty previously had an office in North Texas, but the company relocated the headquarters about two months ago to 2100 Ross Ave. in Dallas, Kendrick said. The company has six employees in its Dallas office and with plans to increase to 15.

“What we’re focused on today is building high-quality buildings with adjacencies to major containerized cargo flow,” Kendrick said.

The company also plans on opening an office in the Northeast soon, which will give the company a headquarters in North Texas and other locations in California and New Jersey. With this headquarters move, Kendrick is looking to invest more in the DFW market.

“We have a lot of options out right now in different parts that surround town,” Kendrick said. “So, we very much intend to invest in a substantial amount of money in the DFW metroplex.”

The company currently has a footprint of southern California, Chicago, DFW, Atlanta, Charleston and Columbus, Ohio. Going forward, Kendrick anticipates his company growing eastward in addition to in the DFW area. And being stationed in the middle of the country was a major draw for Kendrick, who started Xebec 32 years ago, as flights to the east coast are easier to do so when stationed in Texas opposed to California.

Along with being more business friendly, Kendrick said the move was partly because of his employees. He wants the people he works with to be able to afford things like buying a house.

“I tell people all the time, Texas is California in the ’70s,” Kendrick said. “California was a great place at the time. Housing was affordable, there were tons of jobs, there was a lot of companies moving here. It’s not…

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