Real estate that drives the 21st
century global logistics supply chain

Xebec provides real estate investment opportunities in industrial assets to institutional and private wealth investors through the acquisition, development, redevelopment and management of institutional-quality bulk logistics, infill/last-mile and light industrial properties located in top-tier markets in the U.S. Our disciplined investment strategy is singularly focused on one asset class – industrial real estate that meets the increased demand for properties able to support e-commerce logistics and inventory management, and light manufacturing.

Industrial is the new retail

The rapid expansion of e-commerce has created a significant investment opportunity for qualified investors, as retailers and manufacturers shift demand for real estate towards Class-A industrial properties with modern amenities and technology to support inventory distribution, e-commerce order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery to consumers.

Investment opportunities for qualified investors

Xebec offers different types of investment opportunities to qualified Institutional and Private Capital investors seeking to capitalize on this increased demand. Through Xebec Industrial Trust (XIT), investors gain access to recurring cash flow and capital appreciation in a lower-leverage diversified portfolio of stabilized, cash flowing properties. Xebec also offers investors direct Opportunistic and Value-Added project-level investment opportunities in properties on a stand-alone basis. Seeking higher risk-adjusted returns, project-level investments allow investors to choose properties that align with their preferred risk and return investment profiles. View our Current Portfolio
of Industrial Properties

With every investment, we stick by our core principles






Sector Expertise

In this white paper, you will learn how to gain liquidity, flexibility and tax efficiency when exiting industrial real estate ownership positions. Get insight into strategies to help you:

  • Choose when to receive return of invested capital
  • Gain flexibility in making inter-vivos transfers of assets
  • Diversify risk

. . . all while deferring taxes

Navigating Industrial RealEstate for over 30 Years

Xebec has experienced growth through over three decades and multiple real estate cycles as an investor, developer and manager of industrial warehouse and distribution space, and is well-positioned to continue creating value while delivering Class A industrial space as the logistics supply chain and other market dynamics continue to evolve. Since inception, Xebec has acquired and developed, redeveloped or repositioned industrial real estate projects totaling nearly 11 million square feet, including 1.3 million square feet currently in various stages of development, and is a joint venture partner in planned logistics projects totaling over 12 million square feet. Our commitment to our investors is solidified by our core values of integrity, accountability, transparency, and aligning our interests with those of our equity investors.

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