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Xebec Realty is a private, vertically integrated real estate firm that focuses on the acquisition, development and management of warehouse and distribution facilities located in top tier logistics markets in the U.S with major port and intermodal infrastructure.

The genesis of Xebec dates back to 1986, with a focus on infill industrial development in the highly competitive central market of Los Angeles. In 1996, Randy Kendrick and John Lehr formed Xebec and built the firm into one of the top industrial developers in Southern California. These principals provide long term and stable management with more than 60 years of combined experience in acquisition, development, finance and asset management.

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There are five food groups of commercial real estate. Some developers choose to build multiple products in a single geography while others choose to focus on a single geography in multiple markets.

Xebec is focused exclusively on the development and management of industrial real estate.

Global trade and e-commerce have put a strain on the existing supply chain as consumers demand a higher volume of products to be delivered in less time. Xebec is committed to becoming a leading developer of new facilities across the country for the 21st century supply chain.

National Presence

Xebec has historically focused on developing industrial real estate in the Los Angeles basin but has recently expanded nationally to develop similar buildings demanded by the 21st century global economy.

Southern California Ports

Nearly 60% of the containerized cargo flow enters America through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. As a result, the Los Angeles basin is the premier market for industrial real estate in the country. Xebec has been a leading developer of industrial real estate in the central market of Los Angeles since Randy Kendrick founded Xebec’s predecessor entity in 1986. The Los Angeles basin is highly competitive but remains a target rich environment for development of Class A properties.

National Intermodals

The growth of global trade volume and expectations around delivery speed have forced logistics providers to drive efficiencies in the global supply chain. One important component of this efficiency is developing infrastructure around intermodal freight transport. Intermodals are where shipping containers are moved from one form of transportation (rail, ship, or truck) without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. Xebec believes there is a demand for large master planned logistics campuses at the intersection of intermodals across the country. In 2015, Xebec partnered with CT Realty to form Port Logistics Realty. PLR develops master planned mega logistics parks in tier-one logistics markets throughout the United States.

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Our Culture

We truly value the local, regional and national relationships we have built with the finest firms in the industry across many sectors including capital markets, brokerage, users and consultants. Thank you to our trusted partners and friends.

Our Company Vision

Xebec's Company Vision

Xebec creates opportunity for both private and institutional partners who benefit from the firm's disciplined approach. Focus on a single product type in markets with superior fundamentals minimizes risk and delivers superior risk adjusted returns for investors.

Our Mission Statement

Xebec's Company Vision

We focus on top tier logistics markets in the western U.S. with major port and intermodal infrastructure generating positive investment returns and impact on local economies.

Our Principles

01Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Superior quality
  • Disciplined market and product focus
  • Conservative leverage
  • Best-in-class risk adjusted investor returns


  • Xebec is committed to a philosophy of superior service and unwavering commitment to customers and investors
  • The flat organization emphasizes "team" at every stage of a project lifecycle
  • Best-in-class reporting and communication provide superior transparency
  • Constant alignment of skill set with job description throughout the project


  • Competes fiercely for the best opportunities in Tier One logistics markets
  • Nimble structure with excellent maneuverability
  • Constantly seeking direct "off-market" opportunities

04Alignment of Interests

  • Co-investment of its capital alongside its investment partners
  • Incentive based compensation - profits earned only after achieving return thresholds within a transaction


  • Proven track record in creating investor returns on opportunistic and value-added projects, focusing on bottom line performance
  • Proven expertise in development of Class A industrial product in target markets

06Construction Expertise - Xebec Building Company

  • Vertically integrated construction team allows for value engineering starting in the early stages of design work through completion
  • Constant communication ensures the project will be delivered on time and within budget
  • Clear focus on superior quality
  • For more information, please visit the XBC website

07Risk Mitigation

  • Xebec has been developing and managing industrial assets for over 20 years
  • Actively evaluating risk to manage it appropriately
  • There is no substitute for "boots on the ground" at the property level for construction, leasing, development, and asset management. Xebec's vertically integrated structure helps identify and resolve any risks/issues efficiently
  • Disciplined acquisition process, conservative underwriting, and history of structuring transactions to meet the objectives and goals of its investors and partners


  • Direct access to transaction flow via best-in-class relationships
  • Demonstrated ability to close transactions and execute business plan from acquisition to completion
  • Dedicated team to produce the best-in-class service with research, acquisitions, construction and asset management
  • Direct involvement and support by the firm's founders throughout the project